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The IGBA promotes the breeding and exhibition of the Gloster Canary. The United States Chapter of the International Gloster Breeders Association was established over forty year ago by Harold Sodamann and Mark Whiteaker.

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November 20-22nd, 2014 in Dayton Ohio

The Gloster Division will be judged by Richard Lumley, Breeder, Exhibitor and Gloster Judge from England. Richard has been very active in expanding the exhibition of Gloster Canaries at the C.O.M. World Show


Results - 2013 NCBS Gloster Division

 A Gloster Consort bred and exhibited by Winfield Checkley  won the Higgins Trophy at the 2013 National Cage Bird Show at the Marriott Tulsa Southern Hills, Tulsa, Okalahoma

The Gloster Division Judge was Austin Middlemiss, UK

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2013 Gloster Division Show Results

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Nick and Annalain Barrett from King's Lynn, Norfolk, England are the authors of "The Gloster Fancy Canary".

The second edition is now available.  The cost of the book is $35 plus postage ($3 for media mail which takes 10 to 12 days or $6 for priority mail which takes 2 to 3 days). If interested in obtaining a copy contact Regina McCarthy, E-mail rmcc29@comcast.net or Tel. 781-294-0340 

The founders of the IGBA - US Chapter wished to promote the Gloster Canary in the United states. They were very familiar with the many Gloster Specialty Clubs in England and especially with the International Gloster Breeders Association in the United Kingdom, which, in company with other clubs, was affiliated with the Gloster Convention.

Affiliation with the IGBA

Harold Sodamann and Mark Whiteaker traveled to England where they requested and received authorization to found a chapter of the IGBA in the US.
  • The IGBA - US encouraged the membership to breed and exhibit birds as near to the adopted standard as possible.
  • The IGBA also  provided patronage to local clubs and to the National Cage Bird Show.
  • During the succeeding years the IGBA has exceeded the founder's expectations in attaining these goals.
Gloster Canaries

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